Perio Chip

As part of our therapy for periodontal disease, we have an effective treatment that helps us control the infection in your mouth. It's called PerioChip.

How is PerioChip used?

PerioChip is a small biodegradable gelatin chip that contains the antimicrobial agent chlorhexidine.

To administer PerioChip, we first remove plaque and bacterial toxins from the infected area with a scaling and root planing procedure. Then we place PerioChip on the affected gum tissues. It slowly disintegrates, releasing the medication, first in a larger concentration, then at a controlled rate for the duration of the treatment.

This medication greatly reduces the bacteria in the infected pocket and speeds the healing process.

PerioChip and your periodontal therapy

Depending on your needs, we may place up to eight PerioChips during a single office visit, and we can repeat PerioChip treatment about every three to six months for as long as periodontal pockets are five millimeters deep or more.

However, PerioChip is not an option for you if you are sensitive to chlorhexidine.

It's also important to know that PerioChip is not a cure for Periodontal disease and cannot replace supportive bone lost due to periodontal disease. And even with medication, you'll still need to be very thorough with your daily oral hygiene and come to see us regularly for exams and professional cleanings.

PerioChip has been shown to be a safe and effective tool we can use as part of your periodontal therapy to prevent the further destruction of bone and connective tissue caused by periodontal disease.